Blake McCord is an award-winning filmmaker and DP passionate about capturing imagery that elevates story

Blake’s work has been honored at numerous film festivals. Most recently, the Banff Mountain Film Festival and Kendal Mountain Festival recognized They/Them as Best Climbing Film. As a DP, Blake sees his job as an opportunity to take an audience on a visual journey that elevates the larger storytelling effort. Reviewing Omen, a dance film where Blake served as DP, the New York Times highlighted the visual impact of the film: “Suspended over a cliff face, bouncing off its surface like astronauts on the moon, the dancers disturb a viewer’s sense of gravity…the grandeur calls for a theater-size screen.” Admittedly obsessive about details, Blake has a strong technical competency with both the equipment he uses and the logistics of each shoot. A climber and outdoor athlete, Blake is equally at home shooting from the side of a cliff or the bottom of the Grand Canyon as he is in a studio. Blake feels incredibly fortunate when he has the opportunity to join teams bringing meaningful stories to life.

My Reel

Featured Work

Grand Canyon NP - Hike Smart

Client | Grand Canyon NP / Grand Canyon Conservancy

Role | DP / Editor

HIKE SMART is a short film shot for Grand Canyon National Park’s Preventive Search and Rescue Program that aims to enhance the hiking safety awareness of Grand Canyon National Park visitors. As DP and editor of this short piece, my challenge was to keep viewers engaged – providing a front row seat to the perils and pitfalls of hiking in the Grand Canyon.


Client | Patagoina Films

Role | Director / DP

I shot and co-directed They/Them, a feature documentary for Patagonia. Over several years, I spent countless days shooting with Lor Sabourin as they worked on a route that scaled the side of a 600 foot canyon in Northern Arizona. Documenting such an intimate journey of life and rock climbing allowed us to make a unique and impactful film that was awarded Best Climbing Film at the Banff Mountain Film Festival and Kendall Mountain Film Festivals.


Client | Dark Sky Aerial

Role | DP / Editor

One of my favorite projects to date, OMEN is a aerial dance film shot in the Grand Canyon. Partnering with dance troupe Dark Sky Aerial was an amazing collaboration. My remote and high-angle shooting skills helped them bring their vision for a high art, dance piece set in one of the grandest stages on earth to life. This film has been featured in the New York Times and lauded at dance film festivals worldwide.

NCAA - The Climb

Client | TNT Sports

Role | DP

As DP for UConn and Purdue Face the Climb I worked with TNT Sports to capture climbing footage that conveyed the scale of the landscape and the climbing itself in a way that illustrated the challenge, the struggle, and the eventual earned success of achieving a major summit.

Royal Enfield

Role | Director / DP

When I learned a friend had a vintage sidecar, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. This film profiles the adventure of a Royal Enfield bike both on and off the saddle across the backroads of Northern Airzona

Plastic Free Adventures

Role | DP / Editor

I shot this piece for a local nonprofit to draw public attention and awareness to the challenges of recycling. It was a blast working with local comedic talent to bring levity to what would have otherwise been a dry subject

A Light in the Shadow

Client | Movember Foundation

Role | DP

I served as DP for this short film, created for the Movember Foundation, about legendary Canadian ultrarunner Rob Krar and his struggle with depression. To visually communicate parts of Rob’s internal world, I highlighted the striking, barren volcanic landscapes around Rob’s home.

Closing the Gender Gap

Client | Arizona Office of Tourism

Role | DP

Shot for the Arizona Office of Tourism, this profile piece highlights the Homestretch Foundation and its founder Kathryn Bertine. As DP, I focused on visually illustrating why Tucson is a training haven for professional cyclists and on storytelling that personalized the Homestretch Foundation’s mission to end the gender pay gap in women’s professional cycling.

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